Tips for Beginners

1. Start Easy. Relax. Let your body adjust to Nia movement and allow yourself the freedom to enjoy being a beginner. Be patient, allow yourself to move through levels and stay on plateaus; this is the way to master and enjoy Nia.

2. Listen to the Voice of Your Body. Sensation is the language of the body. Seek pleasure based body sensations. Capture the rhythm of the feet and leg movements first. Slowly add the core, arms and hands

3. Go Barefoot. Experience the 7000 nerve endings in your feet! Going barefoot will help you move in safe and efficient ways from the ground up. If you need to wear shoes for support or medical purposes, choose ones with a soft flexible sole.

4. Pick Up Your Feet. To protect your knees, don’t drag your feet. Instead, pick up your feet and place them in the direction you want to go.

5. Seek Dynamic Ease. Never force a motion. Avoid getting breathless or fatigued. Move within your own comfort zone to put loving information in your muscle memory.

6. Find Your Rhythm. Stay with your own pace. This will allow you to get as much nonstop movement as possible. This may mean working slower and longer, and that’s just fine! Tap into Your Body’s Way.

7. Protect Your Knees. When you lower your body weight, feel your bottom naturally move back and behind you and avoid pressing your knees to the front.

8. Engage Your Spine. Keep your spine mobile and flexible by using your eyes to look, and by moving in an imaginary ring of air at your waist and neck.

9. Use Your Arms & Hands. Generate arm movements by engaging your hands. Keep your wrist, elbow and shoulder joints relaxed to obtain power and grace.

10. Dress for Passion. When you dance, wear anything that makes you feel free, comfortable, and excited to move. Yoga clothing, street or exercise wear, even a skirt changes the way you feel and move.

11. Express Yourself. This is your dance! Express your own unique rhythm and body language. Most of all, be yourself and have fun.

12. Breathe & Make Sound. Use your voice to blend body motions with breathing. Inhale by smelling the moment and exhale with sound to condition and engage your core.

Bottom Line: Relax, Enjoy Yourself, Step into The Joy of Movement!