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New Nia classes at Mandala Yoga

*Wednesday starts December 5th

Nia™ is Mindfulness~in~Motion! Explore this fusion of movement and music, breath and sensation, awareness, flexibility and balance as you move toward more ease, stability and joy.

  • Where:  Mandala Yoga Studio
  • When: Wed 7:15-8:30 pm
  • Cost: Drop-in $14
  • Class Cards: 5/$60 ~ 10/$110 ~ 20/$200 

About Nia™ ~ Nia blends movement from the traditions of dance, martial arts and the healing movement arts in a dynamic practice that increases awareness, conditions the body and supports mindful expression through movement. Moving in “The Body’s Way” Nia honors each individual’s level of fitness, expression and creativity.

About the Instructor ~ Jillayne Sorenson is a licensed Blue Belt, Nia and Nia 5-Stages instructor. 

Photo by Amaren Colosi © 2011

“I practice and teach Nia because it nourishes the body, mind and heart. We are made to move, and when we move in ways that support pleasure and presence, we feel better. Connecting to sensation through movement is a powerful path of self-healing and joyful expression. I feel so fortunate to share this beautiful practice ~ moving in The Body’s Way!”

Find out more about Nia™ here  





Based on the work of Debbie Rosas Stewart and Carlos AyaRosas. Nia™, the Nia™ Logo, and all related “Nia” trademarks and service marks are owned by NiaTechnique, Inc., and are used here only under a limited license.

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