Mindful Movement

Moving into Stillness ~ Yoga & Meditation


No matter what age, degree of mobility or circumstance, movement and the sensation of moving connects us to life moment by moment in a myriad of ways -- through each breath, in a gesture,  an expression...moving through space and even in sleep, movement is integral to life

 Your body is designed to move - when you move in ways that support presence and pleasure, you feel better. Bringing mindfulness to movement can enliven your life in countless ways and is a beautiful  and simple path of practice. Explore mindfulness through the lens of movement and stillness, breath and awareness ...

Moving into Stillness 

Mondays 6:30-8:00 pm  at DAYA Foundation 

Mindfulness is at the heart of yoga, and moving mindfully supports any meditation practice. Treat yourself to a new view of what mindfulness can look like as we explore practice in this gentle evening class designed to support rest and renewal.

Each session begins with simple standing poses as a preparation for guided sitting meditation, and closes with restorative yoga poses to promote balance and relaxation.  This weekly class provides support for any contemplative practice, or as an integrative approach to mindfulness.  All levels class - Drop-ins welcome!