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Mindfulness-Based Emotional Balance Training (MBEB) is a nine-week, personal renewal program that integrates the highly effective methods of Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction with the latest research and practice in emotion and empathy training, compassion and forgiveness practice. This program has been the subject of over ten years of research supporting its effectiveness.

Participants learn core mindfulness skills to reduce stress, with a clarifying look at emotions and how they function, applying practical methods to work with difficult emotions and to cultivate compassion and forgiveness for better relationships at work, home and beyond. 

Core Mindfulness Skills ~ Attention & Awareness

  • Developing inward-outward attention and mindfulness of body, feelings and thoughts
  • Practicing mindful movement exercises to enhance sensory awareness and attention 
  • Cultivating a non-judgmental attitude toward the full range of experience
  • Learning at-home mindfulness exercises

The Science of Emotions ~ Building Resilience

  • Understanding the physiology of emotions and how they affect the body and mind
  • Learning what emotions are and what triggers them
  • Recognizing the characteristics of specific emotions and their function
  • Learning practical methods for working with difficult emotions 

 Compassion and Empathy for Self and Others

  • Applying mindfulness training to interpersonal situations
  • Developing compassion and empathy toward oneself and others
  • Fostering self-acceptance  and acceptance of others
  • Cultivating empathy and equanimity

Take this course for Credit

Participants can earn graduate credit (3 credit hours) through the Portland State University Graduate School of Education. Participants may qualify for continuing education credit or tuition reimbursement through their individual institutions. Talk with the Instructor for details.


The first step to participating is to attend a free Orientation Session  where you'll learn more about the course, meet the instructor and have a chance to ask any questions you may have. *Orientation is required prior to registration. 

More about MBEB 

Mindfulness-Based Emotional Balance Training was developed by Margaret Cullen LMFT, a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Certified Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction instructor who, for twenty years, has been teaching and pioneering mindfulness programs in a variety of settings including cancer support, HIV support, obesity groups, college student groups and physician and executive groups. Ms. Cullen trained with Zindel Segal in Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy and in MB-Eat with Jean Kristeller, and for the past ten years has been involved in teaching and writing curricula for several research programs at UCSF. In 2008 she launched a Mindfulness-Based Emotional Balance program for teachers and school administrators in Denver, Boulder, Ann Arbor and Vancouver, B.C. She has also been a facilitator of support groups for cancer patients and their loved ones for twenty years at The Cancer Support Community and is currently a senior teacher at the Center for Compassion at Stanford University, where she co-authored the Compassion Cultivation Training.  A meditation practitioner for over thirty years, she is a frequent contributor to “Inquiring Mind” and is currently writing a book for New Harbinger Publications on Mindfulness and Emotions.

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