June 25, 2012 12:01 am
As with love, passion or any profound experience, at its heart, play is hard to define ~ it is sensory and emotional and it engages the whole body/mind in ways that don’t lend themselves to language… Putting words to something as ineffable as play might suggest that some activities qualify, whereas others do not. But more »
Working…er…make that, Playing…with the “Edge”
June 15, 2012 8:13 am
As I’m making my coffee, the camellia bushes shake furiously in bursts outside the kitchen window.  Peering to see who’s in there, a tiny head pokes out followed by a pint-sized body and tail, inching its way… out… to-the-very…end…of… a really thin…branch….OH!  He lost it. Ass over appetite falling through the branches and catching himself by one more »
The Gratitude Lab is open ~ Welcome!
June 9, 2012 7:13 am
Welcome to the Gratitude Lab No white coats or bubbling beakers here…Just us guinea pigs for happiness. The Gratitude Lab is an invitation for exploring and expanding your relationship to appreciation, meaning, and thankfulness, every day.  A way to connect with what is most important in your life and to express it. “Gratitude is a more »
The Summer Book Club is here!
June 8, 2012 4:30 pm
What’s better than a good summer read? So many intriguing books on my list, not to mention the growing stack on my virtual Kindle nightstand! When I recently thought about stretching out on the grass with a book, I flashed on long summer afternoons becoming page-turning twilight in my childhood. I think I even caught a whiff of the stacks in my local library. But more »
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