Individual Mindfulness Training

Individual Mindfulness Training offers flexibility, focused support and a way to tailor your Stress-Reduction Program to fit your specific schedule, needs and goals. 

Individual Mindfulness Training teaches methods from the standard 8-week MBSR program and includes practice CDs, MP3s and written materials to support building your practice between sessions*.  

Each session includes individual instruction, focused practice, and time to discuss your specific needs, exploring practical ways to make mindfulness part of your every~day.  

Individual Mindfulness Training can benefit:

  • Individuals who are new to mindfulness who want a structured yet flexible program, tailored to meet their schedule, needs and goals
  • Individuals who have attended an MBSR course and want to reconnect, renew, or deepen their current practice 

Contact: 503-274-7855 or email for more information and to schedule a free orientation